Maire Kushner is a 30-year, multi-disciplined veteran of the technology industry, having held leadership positions in companies from start-ups to the Fortune500. Throughout her career, Maire has driven top line revenue through sales and marketing efforts, and has also managed back office business operations. More recently, she has focused her diverse talents on exploiting the benefits derived from smartly handling Big Data across various industries. An innovator in partner engagement and enablement, content creation, sales excellence and marketing execution, Maire’s combined careers in high tech and market research provide her clients with highly specialized expertise across many disciplines. A writer by avocation, Maire’s work has been published by such distinguished organizations as the AMA (American Marketing Association), and by various marketing and market research groups as the MRIA (Marketing Research and Intelligence Association) and The C-Suite Network.

With an extensive network that spans the entire North American business community, Maire has associations with individuals and companies that are able to complement her talents. This aggregation of the right resources allows Maire to deliver the results that exceed the requirements of her clients.  

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