Unity Technologies
Creative Marketing Insights provides market research services to one of Unity Technologies specialty, market sector sales groups. Custom qualitative surveys have been created and fielded throughout North America, Europe and Asia with the goal of assisting Unity to better understand their client needs, then adjusting their go-to-market strategy accordingly.

In the initial survey which consisted of 35, 30-minute, in-depth executive interviews (‘IDI’s’), individuals discussed their general opinions and desires on a given benefit program related to the sales and marketing of Unity’s software.

A subsequent study was conducted to refine and finalize the details of the channel strategy and its various components. This survey consisted of both online and telephone interviews for a total of 40 respondents in North America, Russia, Europe and Asia.

In both cases, deliverables consisted of a final report and a formal presentation of the results. In each, various key findings of the research were highlighted and corresponding guidance and detailed recommendations were offered based on analysis of the aggregated data.

Unity Technologies is revolutionizing the game industry with Unity, the breakthrough development platform for creating games and interactive 3D and 2D experiences like training simulations and medical and architectural visualizations, across mobile, desktop, web, console and other platforms.

Unity was created with the vision to democratize game development and level the playing field for developers across the globe.

Creative Marketing Insights has been contracted by InsightaaS to provide industry reporting and market research services.

Designed to answer the question “why” in enterprise technology, is an online property that connects research, in-depth industry coverage and leading social platforms. Content on the site has been divided into areas that address the most important business issues in IT: Cloud, IT Management, Analytics, Data Centre, and IoT.  They publish approximately 150 unique, in-depth editorial pieces annually across these categories. In addition, their “Across the Net” section connects their followers with the best IT and related blog content on the Internet through 300+ reviews each year.

C-Suite Network
In our capacity as Research Director, we had the unique opportunity to collaborate with this new venture, conducting their inaugural round of executive interviews and producing the subsequent Whitepaper, ‘What’s on the Minds of Today’s Executives?’.  One-on-one, in-depth interviews with 15 C-Suite executives from a variety of organizations - from Silicon Valley start-ups to multinational, multi-billion dollar Fortune100 firms - were conducted in April and May of 2014.  The results of this study provided the C-Suite Network with timely and invaluable insights to consider as they launched their new enterprise.

Allistyle Inc. (Pro bono engagement)
Creative Marketing Insights provides marketing and collateral guidance to Allistyle and Alli’s Journey on a pro bono basis.
Allistyle Inc. is a manufacturer of good quality, all-size ladies garments, based in Toronto Canada. Dedicated to advancing the concept of ‘inclusive fashion’,  Allistyle produces clothing from XS through 3X and is committed to having this range of sizes available in one place, on one rack, in each location without forcing any segment of the population to shop in an ‘x-size’ section.

Today, Allistyle remains a social and commercial enterprise but a percentage of net sales is donated to the registered charity, Alli's Journey. Initiated to honor the memory of Alli Shapiro who died tragically of Hodkin’s Lymphoma at the young age of 21, this charitable entity is dedicated specifically to young adults with cancer. As part of its mandate, Alli’s Journey orchestrates two key initiatives: Comfort Room Bags, distributed free of charge to all young adults, ages 18 to 35, who have cancer; and The Comfort Room, the first of its kind in Canada, which opened at Wellspring, on the Sunnybrook Hospital campus in 2011.  The Comfort Room represents a critical sanctuary for young adults, offering some respite during their struggles. Special programs are offered, which are designed specifically around helping these young people through their challenging battles.

Dragonfly Drapery & Design
Working from all available sources of information, from local demographic data to market assessment statistics, we created both business & marketing plans for this start-up business.  We continue to act in an advisory capacity to this client.